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Sometimes called the capital of the Kentish Weald, Cranbrook looks and feels much as it has done for centuries: a peaceful small town of weatherboarded houses, surrounded by orchards and farmland. In spite of its small size, Cranbrook has a great deal to offer the visitor. The narrow medieval streets are lined with pretty old houses, every one different from its neighbour. There is a wide range of interesting shops, no less than six churches, hotels, pubs and restaurants, an excellent town museum, and the wonderful Union Mill, the tallest and finest working smock mill in England. Stepping into Cranbrook is like stepping into a world apart, one touching both the past and the present. You will not want to leave.


Live Music

Music has long been a part of the social scene, however, following on from the success of the recent festival, CRANFEST, in September 2021, the town of Cranbrook is fast becoming a major hub for live music in West Kent. The festival spirit will be preserved and continued, with regular live music events planned for the future, and plans are already afoot for next year's festival too. Check the What's On page for full details of forthcoming events.


The Venues

Cranbrook is fortunate to have a variety of excellent venues to stage live music, ranging from the intimate spaces in Larkins' Alehouse and The Hive, to the atmospheric interior of the magnificent St Dunstan's Church and the modern, fully equipped and professional Queen's Hall Theatre. This diverse selection of venues means that we are able to present a full range  of live music, of all genres and at all levels of standing, from local artists to nationally and internationally renowned acts.


All venues, with the exception of the Vestry Hall, are wheelchair accessible. Assistance dogs are welcome in all venues. If you have any specific requirements, let us know of these in advance, and we will do what we can to the best of our ability for you, to make your experience as care free, easy and enjoyable as possible.

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